Are Aerosmith going retro on their new album, the as-yet-untitled platter that's due to surface later this year? If 'Smith guitarist Joe Perry's recent comments are any indication of the direction the album is taking, that question could be answered with a resounding "yes."

"It definitely has a feel like some of the early stuff," Perry tells the QMI Agency. "We've tried to bring that back. People are always asking for something that sounds like the old stuff, but you can't rewrite 'Mama Kin' or 'Same Old Song And Dance.' All you can do is go in and start from the same place you started when you made those records."

One way the band achieved a classic sound is by duplicating their old composition process, which for Aerosmith meant everybody working together at the same time.

"We were all in the room when we were pulling these songs together and recording them," Perry explains. "Every way that we used to make our records, that’s what we did to get this to where it is. Right down to what we’re doing now, which is going over the tracks and bringing them up to speed."

Singer Steven Tyler is finishing up the lyrics around his commitments as on judge on 'American Idol,' Perry says, and "hopefully we’ll have it done in the next month or so."

Then he adds a little nugget of news that will make Aerosmith fans very, very happy:

“And we’re definitely touring this summer. We’re gonna put tickets on sale in February or March and we’re going on the road in June."

Don't thank us, we're merely the messenger!

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