Aerosmith's latest tour title suggests the band is getting close to hanging it up, but Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are still playing coy about their future plans.

The duo have explained a little of the reasoning behind naming their 2017 tour Aero-Vederci Baby!, sitting for a couple of interview clips in which they reveal who came up with the idea — and why they accepted it.

"We were just wringing our hands trying to figure something out, and we said 'Let's get [road manager] Tommy Higgins up here,'" recalls Perry. "He came up to the room and we said what we were looking for, and he said 'How about Aero-Vederci?' We both looked at each other and said, 'Okay. Let's try that on for size. And you know what? Let's see what it looks like on the back of a bathrobe.'"

Sure enough, Tyler and Perry are then seen modeling Aero-Vederci Baby bathrobes, which you can go ahead and look for at the merch table if you happen to catch one of their European dates next summer. For his part, Tyler suggests that while there's an air of farewell about the saying, the name of the tour could signal a rebirth too.

"We're always thinking about what to do for a tour," adds Tyler. "And so many bands have said 'This is our last tour' to generate tickets and all that stuff — bands that have been around as long as we have. So we figured, you know, we're going to Europe, we're gonna do whatever we're doing here, and Rock in Rio, and people haven't seen us for a while, so how about throwing that kind of mysticism out? And 'Aero-Vederci' says it, but it doesn't say it. It's like 'hello goodbye' in one beautiful — where Joe and I came from — Italian saying."

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