Just days after Robert Fripp announced that he was putting together a new version of King Crimson, guitarist Adrian Belew revealed that he won't be part of it.

Belew -- whose long career includes gigs with David Bowie, Talking Heads and Nine Inch Nails -- said on his Facebook page that he is no longer a member of King Crimson. He set up the post in the form of a Q&A:

questions and answers.

q: are you in the new King Crimson planned for next september 2014?

a: no. after 32 years I am no longer in King Crimson.

q: were you asked to be in the new King Crimson?

a: no, I was not. robert informed me in an email that he was starting a 7-piece version of the band. he said I would not be right for what the band is doing.

Additionally, the question "So, how do you feel?" was answered with an upbeat "Happy with what I have to be happy with ... which is quite a lot." Specifically, Belew said that he's moving forward with the type of projects that have kept him busy over the past couple of decades, including a tour of South America with his Power Trio and a European tour next spring with the Crimson Project, which performs King Crimson music. "Life is great," he wrote.

Belew was one of the most popular members of King Crimson, who have turned over countless musicians since their formation in the late '60s. Fripp, who founded the group, remains the only original member. Details are slim on what the new version of the band will look like, but Fripp says it will include three drummers.

The guitarist's Facebook post ends with one final question about the King Crimson reunion: "What would you like to say to crimson fans about the new King Crimson?" Belew's diplomatic reply: "My advice is to check it out and if you like it, support it." Stay tuned on whether or not fans feel the same way.

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