Ace Frehley recently made news by stating that he could blow Tommy Thayer, his replacement in Kiss, off the stage. So let's compare the guitar work on the first singles from each of their most recent albums and see if he's right!

We'll start with Frehley's new song, 'Gimme A Feelin',' the first track from his perfectly titled upcoming studio album 'Space Invader.' If you were expecting a gentle, Latin-influenced ballad, or an experimental trip into the world of hip-hop, well, hope you weren't holding your breath. Ace delivers exactly what you'd want and expect here -- hard hitting rock and roll with a slightly off-kilter groove and lots of guitar solos.

The fairest point of comparison would be the lead single from the most recent Kiss album, 2012's 'Monster.' Thayer once again proves he's worthy to share the stage with the "Hottest Band in the Land,' even engaging in a bit of a Robert Plant / Jimmy Page guitar vs. vocals competition with lead singer Paul Stanley.

So which of these two guitar wizards gets your vote? To help you make an informed decision, we’ve synced up the videos below to start just before the main solo in each song. You can vote once an hour for your favorite until this Clash of the Titans poll closes on June 8, 2014 at 11:59PM ET.

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