A demo acetate from the band Molimo -- featuring guitarist Ace Frehley, who would later join Kiss -- was recently discovered in a collection of old vinyl in a barn in upstate New York.

The band had recorded a demo for RCA records in 1971, but the recordings were shelved. Two years later, of course, Frehley joined Kiss. The existence of the recordings was known, but years back, the RCA vaults were raided trying to find them to no avail. Kiss fans have long waited to hear these long, lost and unheard tracks and now, they can.

Record collector Chris Reisman had been tipped off to a "barn full of 10-to-20,000 records," according to the Village Voice. "I went up there every Tuesday for a month straight. I was able to get through everything, and in the last wall unit's last shelf of records was a corner full of test presses and acetates and it was in there. At the time, I had no clue what it was, but I just bought them all," he said. The owner had no idea where or when he acquired the disc.

As for Molimo, the group had formed using the sounds of Jefferson Airplane as their template, incorporating male and female lead vocalists.Their sound has a distinct late '60s feel, with Frehley's guitar giving it an edge. Though Ace left the band, he stayed in touch with his old band members, who changed their name to Tomorrow Morning and, coincidentally, were also signed to Casablanca, releasing one single in 1974.

Reisman has put the Kiss rarity up for auction on eBay, and after just a couple days, the bidding is already up to over $1000.

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