Who gets your vote: the hardest, most rough-and-tumble rock band to ever emerge from Australia, or four bright-faced young geniuses from England who pretty much revolutionized popular music? That's the choice you'll face as AC/DC and the Beatles battle in the 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl.

Last week,16 of rock's biggest bands began pairing off in a series of single-elimination battles to determine the genre's true champion. The "Fab Four" earned themselves a spot in the second round by beating the Who, 61% to 39%. It turns out AC/DC doesn't have much trouble with spacemen or fire-breathing demons, as they beat Kiss 59% to 41%.

So now who moves on -- the band who brought us the mighty 'Back in Black,' or the group who created the magnificently scattered "White Album?" That’s up to you.  You can vote once per hour in each of the four second round matches from now until Sunday, Jan. 20 at 11:59 PM ET.

The 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl winner will be announced Feb. 4 — the day after the Super Bowl.

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