Add AC/DC to the list of people who disagree with Gene Simmons' headline-making proclamation earlier this year that "rock is dead." In an exclusive interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Angus Young and Brian Johnson declare the genre to be "alive and kicking."

In the video above, Young and Johnson were asked about Simmons' statement. "With all respect to the lad," Brian Johnson said. "I think he's terribly wrong for a start. I really do. I don't think anybody should have the nerve to stand there and just say that a certain genre of music has just ff---- disappeared overnight...Well, I'm here to tell you, Gene, you're wrong. And I'm saying it's alive and kicking. My name's Brian. How do you do?"

Angus Young added his thoughts on the matter -- "It's been a long, long, long funeral" -- before going on to give young bands the benefit of his four decades of experience. "If they think they've really got something," he said. "They ought to stick with it...When people find their direction and...they finally kind of define what they are as a band, then they should hang on to that."

AC/DC's new album, 'Rock or Bust,' will be released Dec. 2.

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