As AC/DC get ready to release their first album in six years next month, they took the opportunity to look back on their classic 1980 album 'Back in Black' with us.

Guitarist Angus Young and singer Brian Johnson reflect on their masterpiece -- which was Johnson's first record with the band following the death of original singer Bon Scott on Feb. 19, 1980 -- by stating something that was clear to both the band and fans at the time.

"It was kind of a go-for-broke," says Young. "We really didn't know if the people who knew AC/DC accept this. Would they accept Brian? It was a lot of pressure on him. But I think wanted to make it all happen."

"It was a force of nature, that thing," adds Johnson. "It really was."

As for recording the album, Johnson said some things are still clear to him, while others have become a "blur." "Physically standing there and singing [the songs], I don't remember," he says. "Because it was one after the other, day after day."

Johnson also recalls his first live show with the group in the video, which you can watch above.

Rock or Bust,’ AC/DC's 15th album (or 16th, if you're counting their native Australian tally), comes out on Dec. 2.

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