While AC/DC continue their Rock or Bust tour, their beer is doing a little traveling of its own.

The Shout reports that the band's brew, initially available only in Europe, will make its way to Australia in late September — which means it'll be on store shelves in time for the Australian leg of their tour, which begins Nov. 4 in Sydney.

The roll-out appears to be limited to the states of New South Wales and Victoria, where it'll be sold exclusively at ALDI stores. "We’re very excited to celebrate AC/DC's legendary rock status with the launch of AC/DC Beer in Australia," enthused a spokesperson. "The combination of great German beer and Aussie hard rock just seems like a match made in heaven." (It's worth noting that although AC/DC Beer definitely isn't available everywhere, U.S. fans have options when it comes to importing it here.)

The band's beer expansion comes on the heels of their official energy drink (dubbed High Voltage, of course) and a successful foray into wine-making, and arrives in the midst of a number of new rock-related spirits, including Metallica's limited-edition batch of Budweiser and Queen's new Bohemian Lager beer.

The reviews for the AC/DC-branded brew have been somewhat lukewarm, but fans who want to judge for themselves — or simply have to own a can for their memorabilia collection — can get more information at the beer's official site.

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