'Heaven & Earth,' due July 22 in the U.S., is the 21st studio album in the Yes discography -- but it also marks a new beginning, featuring the first recorded collaborations between current singer Jon Davison and the other members of the band. Fans can catch their first glimpse of the new Yes sound with a sample of the album's leadoff track, 'Believe Again.'

Of course, as most fans are already aware, the new sound isn't altogether different from the old one -- right down to Davison's voice, which bears a distinct resemblance to departed singer Jon Anderson's. And while Davison's songwriting contributions injected a fresh compositional element, 'Heaven & Earth' is strongly steeped in the stuff Yes has always been known for, including metaphysical lyrics and instrumental virtuosity manifested through lengthy song arrangements. At a mere 90 seconds, the 'Believe Again' sample doesn't offer much of the latter, but it should still give you an idea of where the band is coming from with the new LP.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order 'Heaven & Earth' via iTunes and receive an immediate 'Believe Again' download. It's also available for pre-order through Amazon, although the instant download doesn't appear to be offered there. According to the album's official site (which also includes lyrics for 'Believe Again'), German fans have the option of ordering the LP in a gatefold package with blue or black 180-gram vinyl.

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