Don Felder was invited to join the Eagles while working with two-thirds of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Coincidentally he'd already worked with Stephen Stills by that time. Stills helped Felder form his first band in Gainesville while the future Eagle was still in high school. A few years ago Felder recalled how Eagles co-founder Bernie Leadon replaced Stills in his group. It's all connected.

Also at that time, Tom Petty was searching for guitar lessons, and he found a fine teacher in a teenage Don Felder. Duane Allman was teaching Felder how to play slide at the same time! "Everybody influenced everybody back then," Felder says. "I taught Petty and Duane taught me slide. Bernie came and brought country guitar and I taught Bernie electric. It was very cool."

Felder was with the Eagles from 1974-80 and then from 1994-2001. He helped write songs like 'Hotel California' and 'Victim of Love' for the band. In addition he's released two solo albums. He's no longer on friendly terms with most of his former bandmates after multiple early-00s lawsuits.