Yes, it's Billy Preston, who played organ, piano and keyboards alongside some of the biggest rock bands in the world -- including Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones and most famously, the Beatles -- in addition to having his own successful solo career.

The photo above isn't technically a yearbook photo, just so we clear our consciences. It's a publicity shot from the Church Of God In Christ Singers, a gospel group Preston formed while he was still in high school.

Preston played with the Beatles on some of their biggest latter-day classics, including 'Get Back,' and impressed the group so much that they reportedly considered making him a full-time member. After the Fab Four's breakup, he went on to release solo hits such as 'Nothing from Nothing' and 'Will it Go Round in Circles?,' while continuing to collaborate with a galaxy of rock stars. Preston died in 2006 at the too-early age of 59, but thankfully his music will be with us forever.

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