Yardbirds fans have seen the band's Facebook page take a surprising — and decidedly NSFW — turn over the past several weeks.

Newsweek reports that the page, formerly a social media outpost for news and assorted updates from the current Yardbirds lineup, has been hacked — and with the band's social media team locked out of the account, the hackers have used it to post a series of links to articles about sex positions.

"I am one of the admins locked out of the page," Yardbirds webmaster Russ Garrett explained in an e-mail. "We no longer have access to the controls. Facebook has been totally unresponsive to our complaints about the hack."

According to Newsweek's report, the band's team has spent the past couple of weeks trying to wrest control of the page away from the hackers, but they say Facebook has been unhelpful. The change has caused no small amount of confusion among fans, although many of the Yardbirds faithful appear to have a pretty good sense of humor about it.

"Part of what I find so pathos-inducing about this whole mess is how the Yardbirds — a band with an indelible place in rock history, a band who appeared in Antonioni's groundbreaking 1966 film Blowup — could have their online presence undone by such a vulgar, needling social media pitfall," adds Michael Goodman, the fan who alerted Newsweek to the hack. "There's something so '2015' about all of it."

While they continue attempting to win back control of their original account, the band has opened a new page which they're calling "the new home of the Yardbirds on Facebook." "The old official page has been hacked and we have had no success in getting it back," reads the introductory post. "Thanks for nothing, Facebook!"

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