More than 20 years after the band's reunion -- and weathering countless lineup changes along the way -- the Yardbirds appear to be back in limbo, at least temporarily.

Drummer Jim McCarty, who's been the group's sole mainstay throughout more than 50 years of on-and-off activity, shared the news of this latest shake-up on Facebook, writing a Dec. 6 post that filled fans in while offering some assurance that the band will continue in some form.

"The Yardbirds as a band has continued to evolve through the years with great musicians playing all around the world," McCarty wrote in the post. "The current lineup of the group will be parting ways at the end of the year, and I will be working on solo ventures and other Yardbirds projects in 2015. I would like to thank Ben, Andy, Dave and Top for all their support through the years and wish all Yardbirds fans a great Christmas and prosperous 2015!"

As Something Else! notes, most of the members named in McCarty's post have been with the band for a relatively short period of time; guitarist Ben King would have marked 10 years in the Yardbirds in 2015, while vocalist Andy Mitchell and bassist David Smale joined in 2009. Top Topham, the group's founding guitarist, returned to the lineup in 2013.

The most recent Yardbirds album, 2003's 'Birdland,' featured McCarty and founding rhythm guitarist/bassist Chris Dreja playing with a combination of newer members and guest performers. McCarty's latest solo effort, 'Sitting on the Top of Time,' arrived in 2009.

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