Guns N' Roses' twin 'Use Your Illusion' albums will celebrate their 20th anniversary in a couple of weeks (Sept. 17). To celebrate, Ultimate Classic Rock and our friends at Loudwire are giving both records away on brand-new vinyl, along with 1987's 'Appetite for Destruction' and 2008's 'Chinese Democracy.'

All we need you to do in return is cut this beloved, hit-packed and iconic pair of albums in half.

Well, really all you have to do to win is sign up in the box at the bottom of this page, but since we've got you here anyway, why not have some fun? If there is a criticism to be leveled at the massively successful 'Illusion' albums, it's that two and a half hours of music is a lot to take at one time from any band.

So, whether you think you're trimming some dead wood, or just helping to choose the highlights for people who can't take that much rock and roll, let's find out what you'd do if charged with cutting the 'Use Your Illusion' albums down to just one disc. You'll find all the song titles below, all you have to do is pick the fourteen you think are the best. We'll total up the results in a special feature to run on the anniversary date.

We hope you have fun playing the role of a record label A&R person. The form won't let you pick more than fourteen, though, so we bet there will be some tough decisions in your future as you choose your 'Illusion':

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