Those of you hoping to catch Whitesnake in concert sometime this year will have to spend your ticket money elsewhere -- the band have announced they're taking a break from touring in 2012.

A statement from Whitesnake says that they'll spend the year in the studio, mixing live recordings made during last year's Forevermore World Tour (we posted some tour photos a few months ago) and working on a concert DVD. They also say that while new material is in the works, "there are no definite plans to record a full studio album at this time."

Fans are advised to keep an eye on the band's official website for news about other projects involving David Coverdale and the boys.

'Forevermore' was Whitensnake's 11th studio album. When it was released in March of 2011, it charted at number 49 -- making it the band's most successful effort since their 1980s heyday when they were all over rock radio with hits like 'Slow An' Easy,' 'Here I Go Again,' 'Still of the Night' and 'Is This Love.'

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