Since leaving Guns N' Roses in the early '90s, Izzy Stradlin has defiantly charted his own course — and he's continued to, even as a portion of the band's classic lineup reunited without him for a series of highly anticipated and well-received tour dates this year. What's he doing, and why hasn't the group been able to lure him onstage?

There are no doubt numerous answers to the latter question, some of which have allegedly been offered by Stradlin himself. But where Stradlin is and what he's up to has been a riddle for the better part of two decades — a time span periodically punctuated by musical activity, but largely defined by the image of an artist content to stay out of the spotlight and let his songs do all the talking for him.

That impression is largely confirmed by "Where's Izzy: Searching for the GNR Reunion's Missing Person," a thoroughly entertaining longform piece recently published by the L.A. Weekly's Art Tavana. Taking a long look at Stradlin's career before, during and after Guns N' Roses, Tavana attempts to get the intensely private guitarist on the record while interviewing an array of onlookers, former bandmates and more recent musical associates.

It probably goes without saying that Stradlin ultimately eluded those efforts, and anyone looking for concrete details regarding his future plans — musical or otherwise — will come away frustrated on that count. But as a detailed and empathetic portrait of an artist who yanked back the reins after watching his life and career go hurtling frighteningly out of control, it's a fascinating read whether you're a hardcore fan or a casual listener. Check it out at L.A. Weekly's website, and listen to Stradlin's latest singles, "Walk 'N Song" and "F.P. Money."

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