Former Guns N' Roses bandmates Izzy Stradlin and Matt Sorum have reunited for Stradlin's latest single, the upcoming "F.P. Money."

Stradlin has been on something of a tear lately. Although he hasn't released a full-length album since 2010's Wave of Heat and hasn't bothered to keep much of an online presence, he's resurfaced a handful of times over the past few months to post the occasional YouTube video — and just a couple of weeks ago, he unveiled a snippet from a new solo track titled "Walk 'N Song."

Now comes another new clip — this one from a cut called "F.P. Money" that features Sorum on drums. "Matt Sorum and I crossed paths earlier this year and both agreed it might be fun to one day throw down a new track and see what we get," Stradlin explained in a tweet. "'F.P. Money' is my latest single this year and Matt Sorum is on drums, Damon Fox on keys, Tony Babylon on bass, Rick Richards on lead guitars. Me ... guitars, vocals. Recorded and mixed at Brotheryn Studios. JT Longoria, engineer/mixing. Jason Mariani mastering. Available everywhere July 2016. Cheers!"

Stradlin's Twitter activity made headlines earlier this year as a number of journalists attempted to establish whether he was actually the person behind the account. "It's me," he told Rolling Stone. "There was just so much speculation going on regarding my involvement and studio recording."

At the time, Stradlin took pains to point out he isn't involved in any current GNR activity — presumably because he's focused on his next solo effort, whether it's a full-length set or another single. Check out the first teaser clip from "F.P. Money" below.

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