In the new (and definitely NSFW) trailer for the upcoming comedy 'We're The Millers,' we get an eyeful of Jennifer Aniston and an earful of Billy Squier's 'The Stroke,' as re-interpreted by rapper Mickey Avalon.

The film stars Jason Sudeikis as a low-level pot dealer stuck in debt to his supplier. In order to erase the debt, he is forced to become a big-time drug smuggler and bring in a shipment from Mexico. In order to make this all sail smoothly, the Sudeikis character convinces his neighbors to pose as his family.

A streetwise stripper played by Aniston stands in as his wife while Emma Roberts and Will Poulter pose as their children. After all, who would suspect an all-American family of drug trafficking? The "family" pack up for a good old fashioned RV road trip and present themselves as "The Millers" in order to make the score and clear the debt. Of course, wacky hi-jinx and general silliness ensue.

As the somewhat raunchy (language, general adult situations, comically enlarged exposed testicles) trailer unfolds we keep hearing the familiar guitar riff to Billy Squier's 1981 hit, 'The Stroke.' Aha...but you're ears have been fooled. It's not actually the original Squier version, but rather a 2009 cover by Avalon. The Squier original is sampled heavily, with the 37 year old rapper doing his thing atop the heavy signature rhythm and riff. This Avalon remake, retitled 'Stroke Me,' has also been used in trailers for 'Duke Nukem Forever' and 'Bad Teacher.'

Watch the Trailer For 'We're The Millers' (Warning: NSFW)

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