In case you've somehow forgotten to pick up a copy of Warren Haynes' new Ashes and Dust LP, he's just posted a live clip reminding you that your speakers could be crying out for his music.

The footage, which you can watch above, captures Haynes onstage with Railroad Earth, who backed him up on Ashes and Dust, during a live run-through of the Fleetwood Mac classic "Gold Dust Woman." It's a song Haynes has performed more than once over the years, occasionally with his band Gov't Mule, and one he covered on the new LP with the assistance of singer Grace Potter.

"Our voices blend so well together," Haynes told Ultimate Classic Rock. "It’s a beautiful version. One of the things that helped us hit off in the beginning was our love of a wide array of music. She can do this kind of song, and so many more things."

Satisfying as recording Ashes and Dust might have been, Haynes added that he was already planning his next steps. "I like bouncing around," he said. "We’re going to make a new Gov’t Mule record soon. I still want to make a jazz-influenced instrumental record, which I’ve never done. I still want to make a traditional blues record, which I’ve never done. The next Gov’t Mule record will be different from what we’ve ever done. And I love what I’m doing right now. I just don’t know in what order it will come, but I prefer it that way. I think that’s what keeps me inspired and keeps the energy flowing."

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