Every once in a while here at Ultimate Classic Rock, we see a story that causes us to scratch our head and think, "How did this not happen sooner?" Today's dose comes from Las Vegas, where Motley Crue singer Vince Neil plans to open a strip club called, naturally, 'Girls, Girls, Girls.' The club will be located on Tropicana Avenue about a mile west of the Las Vegas Strip.

“It’s something I always wanted to do,” Neil told Robin Leach in the Las Vegas Sun. “So it’s like a dream come true. But this will be different and unique. It will be the first rock and roll strip joint. It was a business opportunity to become a partner that was too good to pass up.”

Three weeks ago, we wrote that Neil was considering pursuing other opportunities as Motley Crue's residence at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino came to a close. Unsurprisingly, these passions involve lap dances. However, Neil claims Girls, Girls Girls is going to elevate the gentlemen's club to a new level.

“First, the girls will be edgier. Tattoos won’t be banned,” Neil continued. “Second, the music isn’t going to be boring. None of that house, generic strip club music. This will be full on rock and roll...Yeah, we’ll even play a little Motley, but tons of others, too! The mix will be something both tourists and locals want to add to the sexcitement."

While wondering about the definition of "sexcitement," understand that this will be Neil's second business venture in Las Vegas. He opened Vince Neil Ink, a tattoo parlor, at O'Shea's Casino in 2007, with a second location opening up at the Rio Hotel two years later. However, O'Shea's is rumored to be closing on April 30. There has been no word as to the future of the O'Shea's location of Vince Neil Ink.

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