Vince Neil sure knows how to roll with the punches -- and the falls. The Motley Crue singer did a fairly ungraceful faceplant onto the stage at his strip club, but his recovery was nothing if not laudable.

Performing 'Girls, Girls, Girls' at his Las Vegas nudie joint of the same name, Neil was trying to hop from the stage onto a platform that was a bit higher when he lost his footing and took a tumble. But not only did he barely miss a beat, he turned the mishap into an excuse to scoot to the bevy of lovelies at the edge of the stage, who seemed all too eager to kiss his boo-boos and make them better.

The incident isn't his only public stumble of late -- he was also recently barred from the Palms casino for reasons he doesn't really understand, but which the establishment said in a press release were due to his "inappropriate behavior."

Vince's new strip club, described as a "G-string’s throw from the Palms," had its soft opening a few weeks ago and formally opened for business on Friday, April 13.

Watch Vince Neil Fall and Recover During Performance

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