It's unclear what kind of football team Vince Neil will field when his Las Vegas Outlaws open their inaugural season against Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's LA Kiss team in March. But the Motley Crue frontman intends to have the most memorable cheerleading squad in the Arena Football League.

"We are going to have the 10 hottest, sexiest girls in Las Vegas leading the team, the best beauties in the league," Neil tells the Las Vegas Sun. "The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, who once made headlines around the world, will pale by comparison to what we assemble."

The team has since posted an announcement for tryouts, to be held on Monday (Jan. 5). Specific requirements about attire are noted, including that candidates wear "booty shorts." That's in keeping with previous comments by Neil, who offered a direct reference to one of Motley Crue's best-known songs in talking about the squad: "This really will be 'Girls, Girls, Girls'! They will look as if they have stepped right out of the hottest music video of all time."

This debut season has actually been a long time coming for Neil, who should have more free time on his hands now that Motley Crue are leaving the road.

He previously bought a minority share in the Jacksonville Sharks arena football team, he tells ESPN, "just to kind of get my feet wet -- and then asked to get the franchise, and all the team owners approved it. It's like a dream come true. Getting an expansion team in a league is pretty hard, as it is. So it's exciting."

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