It won't be happening quite the way he initially seemed to envision it, but it looks like Vince Neil will help bring the Arena Football League back to Las Vegas.

As we previously reported, Neil initially made his gridiron dreams known back in April, when he announced that he was part of an investment group poised to purchase the League's Jacksonville team, the Sharks, and move it to Vegas. That was quickly debunked by the team's managing partner, who pointed out that although Neil could become a minority owner in the team, it had no plans to move.

Now comes word that the Motley Crue singer has won approval from the League to, as columnist Robin Leach puts it, "build a Las Vegas team from scratch." According to Leach's latest report, the new team will be ready to play in time for the 2015 season, which leaves Neil to "look for an arena home and select uniforms and cheerleaders for the team." (Something tells us he'll be most enthusiastic about the latter.)

One thing he doesn't need to search for is a name; according to the report, Neil's already picked the Las Vegas Outlaws, and has asked for AFL approval. The league's currently in the midst of playoffs for its 2014 season, with next year's regular-season play set to begin in March. Of course, if the Outlaws do end up taking the field next spring, that'll mean Neil will be in direct competition with his former tourmates in Kiss, who are part-owners in the aptly named AFL squad the Los Angeles Kiss.

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