If you were concerned by the news that Van Halen postponed over 30 dates on their 2012 tour a couple of days ago, and even more worried about reports it was due to in-band fighting, have hope! According to sources close to the band, the group is simply burned out and needs a break.

Speaking to TMZ, these sources flatly deny that there's any conflict within the band, stating that instead David Lee Roth and company simply need to "re-charge their engines" so they can perform at their typical high standard.

This explanation makes some sense. The group have performed over thirty shows in the two months since the official tour kick-off in Louisvillle, Ky. Maybe while routing the tour, they simply bit off more than they can chew.

It's certainly a happier explanation than any learning of any health-related concerns, or thinking that the mighty Van Halen can't get along after all these years. So let's just stop this little wheel of fortune right where it is and go enjoy our weekends, yes?

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