Much like they did for the 2007-08 reunion tour, Van Halen has crossed genres in selecting an opening act for their 2012 tour. According to Rolling Stone, none other than Kool and the Gang will open select shows when things kick off on Feb. 18 in Louisville, Ken.

While the choice is somewhat of a head-scratcher, the unconventional pairing could be a lot of fun, depending on which set Kool bring, the funk of the '70s (check out 'Spirit of the Boogie') or the less memorable R&B of the '80s ('Joanna').

Ky-Mani Marley opened shows for Van Halen in 2008. The son of Bob Marley didn't bill himself as a reggae musician however. He told Billboard his sound at the time was "really edgy, really urban." That's not anything near the sound Van Halen has tried to replicate, even during the forgettable Gary Cherone years. Last night's performance at Cafe Wha? in New York City proved their new music begins where the band left off when David Lee Roth split in 1984.

As previously reported, tickets for most shows will go on sale Jan. 14. Nearly four dozen stops were announced yesterday, ending with a June 26 gig in New Orleans. The next important date for VH fans to circle on their calendars is next Tuesday however. That is when the new song 'Tattoo' will be released, and when the new album 'A Different Kind of Truth' will be available for pre-order. You can see the artwork for 'Tattoo' and hear two versions of another track from the album, 'She's the Woman,' right here.

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