Van Halen's 'She's the Woman' single is enjoying a solid run, but it can't go on forever -- and the time has come to pick a new single from the 'A Different Kind of Truth' album. Though nothing has been officially announced yet, fan site Van Halen News Desk has gathered a few hints that 'Stay Frosty' will be that song.

The first was an online advertisement for the band's show in Denver last month, featuring 'Stay Frosty' artwork complete with an ice cream cone featuring Van Halen's black, red, and white-striped theme. The second, which is a little more obvious, was a 'Stay Frosty' promo disc that was mailed to radio stations last week.

If that is indeed the choice, it should please the fans that chose it by more than 1,000 votes over the runner-up 'Blood and Fire' in a recent poll conducted at the Van Halen News Desk site.

The track itself opens with David Lee Roth's bluesy scat leading the way, while Eddie Van Halen is picking (and mostly likely grinning) while playing his guitar in a more stripped-back manner. The song finally kicks in about midway through with the full band rocking out behind Roth's swagger.

Listen to Van Halen's 'Stay Frosty'