Last month, we dedicated a Clash of the Titans to making you choose between Van Halen's new live album with David Lee Roth, Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, and the one they put out with Sammy Hagar in 1993, Live: Right Here, Right Now. But now that Hagar's released a new live record of his own, why not keep those VH-related Clashes coming?

Sammy's era won out in the last round, racking up nearly 57 percent of the vote, but in spite of its well-documented flaws (among them an extensive number of in-studio overdubs), Right Here, Right Now has the advantage of capturing Van Halen in its relative youth and near its commercial peak. Pitting Tokyo Dome against At Your Service, Hagar's more recently recorded live record with his new band the Circle, might be a fairer fight.

The Circle, a sort of greatest hits revue Hagar's been touring with in recent months, consists of himself and longtime guitarist Vic Johnson alongside Chickenfoot and ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, with Jason Bonham on drums. Hits from all of their associated acts are included in the set list and represented on At Your Service, which the band announced earlier this year. "There hasn’t been a live rock and roll album like this in years," Hagar promised, "and I know you’re gonna love it."

Tokyo Dome, meanwhile, arrives in advance of a wave of renewed activity from the Roth-led current incarnation of Van Halen, including a new tour and some fresh remasters from their classic catalog. Upon its March 31 arrival, Dome peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

So which of these live records rocks hardest? You can keep coming back and casting your ballot once an hour between now and May 31 at 11:59PM ET. Check out samples from both albums below.

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