Ronnie James Dio’s widow and manager, Wendy, has confirmed that there's a number of unreleased tracks from the late metal icon that could see the light of day at some point.

The Black Sabbath and Rainbow singer died in 2010 after a battle with cancer, but several Dio-related projects have surfaced since then, including a hologram tour.

In August, former Dio guitarist Doug Aldrich revealed that he worked on a “haunting, trippy” song that had moved to the demo stage before it was abandoned in favor of another track, “Electra.” Aldrich noted that he wasn’t sure Dio had even listened to the last demo with a guitar solo added.

“I offered it to Wendy, and I don’t know," he said. "Maybe she forgot about it. At some point it will have to come out.” Another guitarist, Craig Goldy, confirmed he had worked on another unheard track that was near completion.

“I think there’s at least three, maybe five songs," Wendy Dio told Talking Metal. "Not completed, but songs that have the lyrics and Ronnie singing them. Some are half done, some are just ideas and things. I haven’t really had the time or wanted to go into that part of his life again, but I do have all the computers. It’s time. It’s been seven and a half years now, so I can actually go in there and look without breaking down.”

Asked if the Dio hologram shows could include those unheard tracks, with a live band playing them, she said, “It’s a possibility. Everything’s a possibility.”

In the meantime, Wendy Dio confirmed plans to complete the autobiography her late husband had been writing at the time of his death. “He had written up to the middle of Rainbow, which is good, because I know the rest of it because I was there,” she said. “We want to also do a documentary, which we’ve talked about. I’m in the process of talking to a lot of different companies about that.”

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