Bono and the Edge from U2 admit that the original Broadway production of 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' deserved the harsh criticism it received from the New York Times and other publications. The show, which features music penned by the singer and guitarist, has begun staging new previews with an opening set for June 14.

"It might have been a little hard for some other people around here to take that, but we don't disagree with the New York Times," Bono told anchor Cynthia McFadden on ABC's 'Nightline' Friday. "That's the sort of stuff we were saying backstage." The Times claimed the show "may rank among the worst musicals ever made."

The show, which had been rife with cancellations and delays due to cast injuries and technical issues, has been revamped for its latest incarnation. Gone is director Julie Taymor ('The Lion King') and in her place is Phil McKinley.

"Julie is an incredible artist," said Bono. "It's a shame she's not with us to see it to its conclusion, because a lot of what's magic about it is hers." Added the Edge, "I think the best thing we could do for the show and -- and for Julie --  is turn this into a success."

Bono feels that the latest production tells a better story than the first, especially when it comes to the relationship between lead characters Peter Parker and Mary Jane. "The last version of 'Turn Off the Dark' had a lot of magic and mysterious stuff," explained Bono. "This time you have a really clear storyline … The music is in a system where it's legible and there's lots of really obvious stuff that has been fixed."

In addition to a new direction, the revamped show features a new song that didn't appear in the initial production.

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