U2 bassist Adam Clayton has received justice. The musician wasn't in court at the time of sentencing, but his former assistant Carol Hawkins received a seven-year prison term in relation to her embezzlement of funds from the musician. The Dublin jury recently unanimously found her guilty of embezzling more the $3.6 million from Clayton.

The Associated Press reports that it was revealed the extravagance of spending that Hawkins had gone through during her employment with Clayton. She began working for him as a cook and a maid before becoming Clayton's assistant, and then racked up 181 counts of writing checks from Clayton's account between 2004 and 2008.

Records showed that some of her biggest purchases included 22 thoroughbred racehorses, designer clothing, a college education for her two children, and first class flights. Hawkins argued that she didn't understand that was she was doing was wrong.

Judge Patrick McCartan told the court, "Nothing, frankly, could explain away the scale of dishonesty other than the greed in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle that was no responsibility of Mr. Clayton's. These were crimes rooted in greed and nothing else. Whether she was a fool or a clever person really matters very little."

McCartan also ruled that Hawkins surrender the profits from the sale of her New York City apartment to help reimburse Clayton for his losses.

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