As you'll see in the below list of Twisted Sister Albums Ranked Worst to Best, Dee Snider and company have witnessed enough ups and downs to induce whiplash. For instance, two years before they became the painted face of mainstream metal with guitars almost as heavy as their eyeliner, the band was ducking airborne turds launched at them at British music festivals.

This, in a poo-flecked nutshell, is the story of Twisted Sister. Incubated in conflict as a bunch of blue-collar, working-class Jersey dudes who delighted in irritating all those cosmopolitan New Yorkers nearby, they were underdogs with serious bite. With the roots of the band dating all the way back to 1972, Twisted Sister would slog it out for a decade before releasing their first record, playing countless of gigs as they honed their theatrical stage show and mix of glamour and grit.

Eventually, Twisted Sister found their sound, an amalgamation of the power and guitar pyrotechnics of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the flash and hooks of the New York Dolls and the tenacity and tireless work ethic of a bar band determined to make it. And make it they did. Led by Snider, a brash and brainy frontman who could stretch his voice like he did his Spandex, Twisted Sister sold millions of records powered by defiant, be-yourself anthems akin to heavy metal pep talks.

They prefaced the hair-metal boom in the early ‘80s, but ultimately were consumed by it anyway. Inner-band tensions boiled over, and Twisted Sister initially called it a day in 1987. After sporadic reunion shows a decade later, they reunited in 2003 and released two more studio efforts before conducting a farewell tour into 2016.

In the end, however, which record topped them all? Read on for Twisted Sister Albums Ranked Worst to Best.

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