The Who debuted a brand-new song titled “Hero Ground Zero” during their concert in London on Saturday.

Their first appearance at the city’s Wembley Stadium since playing the same site during Live Aid in 1985 included the performance of a song that could show up on their upcoming album.

You can watch “Hero Ground Zero” below.

Later in the performance, Pearl Jam singer  Eddie Vedder made a guest appearance during the Quadrophenia song “The Punk and the Godfather,” with Roger Daltrey asking him, “What one were you … the one with the stutter?” to which Vedder replied, “No, I’m still the punk.”

You can watch that moment below.

Daltrey recently said he’d soon lose the ability to sing to his required standard. “Obviously within the next five years I think my voice will go," he reflected. "Age will get it in the end.”

However, he argued that the Who’s Moving On! orchestral tour was even more valuable because of that possibility.

“It's joyous, it's exhilarating, it really is," he said. “I just want to get this tour done and the second leg to be even better than the first, and let's see where we are once we've done that. I mean, we're obviously coming to the twilight of our live career, and I'm glad we're getting to do something like this before it's over.”

He added that he was also “incredibly optimistic” about the new album, describing it as their best since Quadrophenia. No release date has been announced yet.


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