This Beatles 'Love Me Do' 1962 Demonstration Record sold for $17,339.31 on Saturday (Dec. 10) during a 10-day eBay auction. That's a lot of money for a record clearly labeled 'NOT FOR SALE,' but try telling that to the nine collectors who aimed to win it. According to the seller, this original demo is the 'Holy Grail' of Beatles items.

So, besides the fact that it's an original U.K. Parlophone Beatles record, there are various reasons that this 45 has historical significance. First of all, if this single hadn't been successful, the future of the Beatles may have unfolded very differently. Though it only reached #17, it was considered a success, which permitted the boys to record 'Please Please Me' and the album of the same name.

Its 1962 press date makes it all the more valuable considering its 50th anniversary is soon approaching. Only 250 copies were made and only given to DJ's, music journalist and friends so it's amazing to find one in such pristine condition. This oddity is all the more magnified, considering Paul McCartney's name is misspelled on both sides of the vinyl. Here, you'll find that his last name is spelled McArtney on both song title credits.

Housed in its original (near mint) Top Pop Special Rush Copy sleeve, it's obvious that the owner took great care in preserving this gem. The labels are shiny white, without marks and the wax is free from skips and jumps, with no signs of groove wear, scratches or scuffs.

Leave it to the Beatles to have an item collectible enough that the seller could be confident enough to start it at .99 pence with no reserve. Unbelievable.

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