The guys in Tesla took things back to basics for their aptly titled new album, 'Simplicity' -- but they're still fancy enough to film a good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll music video, and for proof, here's the premiere of the band's new clip for their latest single, 'So Divine.'

Like many of the best videos, 'So Divine' alternates band performance footage (taped in a cool-looking old warehouse, natch) with scenes depicting a story reflected in the song's lyrics. As you know if you've already listened to it, this isn't a good time party tune. Instead, it finds the band in a more contemplative mood, paying tribute to a departed loved one and expressing gratitude for the sacrifices they made along the way. For singer Jeff Keith, it's all part of the unique sound the band continues to offer more than 30 years after they got their start in Sacramento, Calif.

"I love the harder stuff and the softer stuff that Tesla does," he told Screamer Magazine during a recent interview. "We sing mostly about ‘love,’ I mean, that’s what we’re all about anyway. I feel we’re still one of those bands who can sing about love and still get away with it."

Don't expect an album of ballads, though -- the heartfelt emotions expressed in 'So Divine' are just one part of the journey the band wants to take listeners on with 'Simplicity.' "We wanted to make a record like 'Mechanical Resonance' or 'The Great Radio Controversy' where you play the whole record in its entirety and love it," Keith continued. "That’s what we feel we’ve accomplished with this new one, 'Simplicity.' We feel it’s a great record to put on from start to finish and listen to and we’re lovin’ the record ... sometimes you get bands who try to make a record that fits in with the times or the latest fad, but we’ve never done that. We’ve always stuck to our roots, because we are who we are; we don’t want to try to be somebody else. We just try to be ourselves because that’s always been the best policy for us. We’ve made a record that we’re totally happy with, and we hope the rest of the world will see it the same."

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