Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses came at exactly the right time in rock ‘n’ roll. For the better part of the ‘80s, rock music had become bloated, stagnate and full of itself. Still reeling from the disco and punk onslaughts of the late ‘70s, rock ‘n’ roll was searching for an edge at the start of the next decade … and instead found a bunch of guys who wanted to play dress-up with their moms’ mascara and their kid sisters’ Top 40 records. Guns N’ Roses changed all that with their ferocious debut album in 1987. ‘Appetite for Destruction’ still sounds like a momentous moment in rock history – the moment where rock music seized back the reins from the decade’s dolled-up posers. It kicks hard, and for good reason: The original quintet was a self-destructive machine that made it through only one more set of albums (the ‘Use Your Illusion’ records) before falling apart.

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