It's glitter and glam versus flannel and denim as T. Rex battle Creedence Clearwater Revival for a spot in the semifinals of July's Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame battle. Each month, our readers will determine which of eight legendary artists or bands is immortalized forever for their contributions to classic-rock history.

John Fogerty and his now-estranged Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates just missed out on being inducted to the Hall of Fame in last month's competition, losing out to Fleetwood Mac in the finals. But we believe in second chances, especially for a group like CCR, who stripped rock down to its essence and created one of the most enduring bodies of work in classic-rock history.

It's a good bet that Marc Bolan, the leader of T. Rex and one of the brightest stars of the glam movement, spent more cash on clothes than all four members of his round-one adversaries combined did. More importantly, in his all-too-brief time at the top of the rock world, he created enduring anthems such as 'Get It On' and 'Jeepster,' as well as fantastic albums such as 'Electric Warrior,' 'Slider' and the underrated 'Tanx.'

So who’s going to make it through this first round? It's up to you! Readers can vote once a day from now until 11:59PM ET on July 14. You can read the Hall of Fame’s official rules right here. Be sure to mark your calendars for Aug. 1, when the third entrant into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame is revealed.


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