Not to be outdone by Arnold Schwarzenegger, fellow action star Sylvester Stallone got his celebrity cameo in a rock video as well. Stallone turned up in the Sammy Hagar video for 'Winner Takes It All,' which not so coincidentally also appeared on the soundtrack to Stallone's movie, 'Over the Top.'

Stallone's involvement in the clip, unlike Schwarzenegger's, was very minimal. Most of his scenes in the clip come straight from the film and for most of the video it appears that Stallone would duck being part of the promo. However, we finally get to see the music and film superstars connect in person. The bulked-up, post-'Rocky' Stallone comes to grips with the 'Red Rocker' in an arm-wrestling match, with a somewhat surprising outcome.


Watch Sammy Hagar's 'Winner Takes It All' Video Featuring Sylvester Stallone