The life and legacy of Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett will be examined in a new documentary scheduled for release later this year.

Helmed by filmmaker Roddy Bogawa, the film is called Have You Got It? — a title that hardcore Floyd fans will recognize as being inspired by the final song Barrett wrote for the band before leaving the lineup in the spring of 1968. According to Bogawa, he was able to achieve a level of intimacy and insight that eluded previous attempts at distilling Barrett's turbulent history and unique talent.

"Have You Got It? is truly unique," he's quoted as telling MOJO. "[It] has an intimate quality that the other films about him haven’t been able to capture."

Bogawa's name will be familiar to fans of graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, who worked on many of Floyd's classic, distinctive album covers. In 2011, Bogawa premiered Taken by Storm, a crowdfunded documentary tribute to Thorgerson's work; as he later told Rock Pop Gallery, one of his first concert experiences was a show on the band's Animals tour.

"It was the one that really cemented my love of going to see live shows as a teenager. I remember that my father had to drive my friend and I an hour and a half to Anaheim Stadium at four in the morning, those being the days of 'stadium seating' which pretty much meant you waited in line for hours to be herded into the grass in front of the stage," he recalled. "Considering it was Pink Floyd’s Animals tour, this was quite funny, as I remember the underage kids being separated into different lines and getting different color bands put on their wrists – very Animal Farm-like."

Bogawa's relationship with Thorgerson led, in turn, to his work on Have You Got It?. As MOJO notes, the film was started by Thorgerson, but hadn't been finished when he died in 2013. Bogawa took over the project, and he seems to be in the home stretch; although no release date has yet been announced, NME says it's "expected to be released in the late summer."

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