Suspect208 – formed by the sons of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland – have released a video for their song “All Black.”

Drummer London Hudson, bassist Tye Trujillo and singer Noah Weiland are joined by guitarist Niko Tsangaris in the lineup, which was unveiled last month along with its debut song “Long Awaited.”

You can watch the new “All Black” video below.

“Our goal is to play and write music and have fun with it,” Trujillo said in a recent interview with Wall of Sound, noting that the band members preferred to downplay their family connections. “We want to make it clear we’re not much different from anybody else who enjoys playing music.”

Still, he said he's "received advice from [a lot of] different people. One of the pieces of advice is to be prepared before going into the studio … [another] of the pieces of knowledge I received is to have a solid amount of killer songs before you play a show or record.”

Tsangaris described Suspect208's sound as “punk, alternative and hard rock coming together to make something new and fresh.”

“We are all passionate musicians that want to be known for one thing: playing music," he said. "We want to establish that this band is about energetic, raw and powerful music, not anything else. ... I’ve learned many things about what it takes to be a professional musician and what makes the best musicians great. I’ve learned that everything about you affects the way you play and that no amount of chops on your instrument can make you soulful.”


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