The long-running feud between Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx and Godsmack's Sully Erna has been mostly one-sided, with Sixx doing the bulk of the talking. In a new interview, Erna said the reason for this is that he refuses to take shots at Sixx, but not before taking a shot at Sixx for being "on the downslide of his career."

While phoning into Cincinnati's WEBN, Erna said, "The one thing that I'll never give that guy is the kind of cheap publicity that he's looking for. I don't do media wars."

Back in April, Sixx noted that Godsmack had "begged" to be on his radio show to promote their new album, despite the fact that they did not get along on the 2009 'Crue Fest' tour. A song from Godsmack's 2010 album 'The Oracle,' called 'Cryin' Like a Bitch,' is believed to be about Sixx's treatment of the band. Since then, Sixx has said that he takes "every opportunity to slander them and be very immature."

Erna, however, has more or less refused to take the bait. "If he has something to say," he continued. "He can come and say it to my face. Otherwise, he can just put a clothespin on it. If he has a problem, he can come see me. This isn't gonna be anything for publicity. I'm not gonna give him that. He's on the downslide of his career, and I'm just not gonna do it. We've already talked about this too much."

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