Styx fans have a new concert special to look forward to on March 15 — but you don't have to wait until Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas premieres on AXS-TV to get an exclusive glimpse of the show.

Ultimate Classic Rock presents this live rendition of "Renegade," a Styx classic culled from the set list for Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas. Directed by Larry Jordan, who helmed the band's 2012 live DVD The Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Live, the film captures the band on its Soundtrack of Summer package tour, which featured co-headliners Foreigner and special guest Don Felder.

After making its March 15 premiere on AXS-TV, Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas will head to stores on May 26, when it'll make its debut on DVD and Blu-ray — adding a bonus interview with Styx's current lineup — as well as CD and digital formats.

Guitarist James "JY" Young discussed the Orleans Arena set with Billboard alongside a preview of that night's performance of "Light Up," lauding the "spectacular visuals" they strove for on the tour and arguing that while bands in Styx's peer group "can't really get arrested with an album of new music," live albums and DVDs continue to offer "a really great way to promote the current lineup of the band and bring in new fans."

Young added that the band has made some early steps toward releasing new music, although he cautioned that it likely won't take the form of a full-length album — partly because of the lack of promotional support from radio, and partly because they have to balance their urge to create against the need to spend time on the road.

"We've got to be committed to playing it live on a nightly basis if we're really serious about it succeeding," pointed out Young. "I think we need to probably record two or three tracks in earnest, produce them in earnest, do a video for them in earnest and decide which one we want to commit to working for the next six to nine months while we're on the road and try to make a little noise out there."

Styx's current noisemaking plans include a summer tour with Def Leppard and Tesla that's scheduled to begin on June 23. "We just had such a blast with those guys," Young said of their previous dates with Def Leppard, which took place in 2007. "It was fun to be with those guys and they kind of responded in kind. I know they had fun with us. And it gave us a crack at a whole new group of fans. So we're really looking forward to it."

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