Sting joined 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' last night (Oct. 16) for a funny segment titled 'Stingtones,' in which the former Police frontman put his own unique vocal spin on a series of recognizable ringtones -- only to make a hilarious realization.

After admitting that trying this on live television was "scary," Sting's interpretation of the popular ringtone 'Xylophone' moved Fallon say: "That actually sounds like a Police song," referencing 1983's 'Synchronicity I.' Still playing along, Sting replied, "my lawyers will be in touch! I could make a fortune! ... I'll give you a cut, don't worry."

Sting, who has a musical adaptation of his most recent album 'The Last Ship' continuing on Broadway, also sang 'marimba' and the original Nokia ringtone. Watch the entire sequence in the above attached video.

By the way, after that Fallon called a member of the studio audience on stage, where Sting sang a new outgoing voicemail message in the style of the Police's 'Message in a Bottle.' When Fallon had some problems getting the phone set up, Sting stepped in to straighten things out -- prompting another quip. “What if Sting was your I.T. person," Fallon said, "how cool would that be?”

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