Sting joined Lady Gaga for a rousing version of ‘Stand By Me’ and his own Police classic 'King of Pain' at the iHeartRadio Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. on Saturday Sept. 24.

After a very familiar voice calls out, “Good evening Lady Gaga, nice to see you," from the darkness, a grinning Lady Gaga, covered in fake blood, introduced its owner in her typically honest and personal way:

“Ladies and gentlemen the police are here - ladies and gentlemen give it up for Sting! Sting is one of my favorite people in the whole world, because when I started in this business I started to meet really amazing, incredible musicians, real legends but their not always very nice but Sting is one of the most kind and loving people I’ve ever met. So, we’ve done this once before and I thought maybe we should do it again because the truth is, Sting always, he always, stands by me.”

Like a proper lady, Ms. Gaga then wiped some of her blood on to Sting, and the two began to duet as the crowd swayed along with the Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller classic. Both vocalists look like they’re having great fun, all the while demonstrating they have the chops to pull this standard off. They also covered 'King of Pain' from the Police's farewell album, 1983's 'Synchronicity.'

One might wonder though, if the former Sting noticed the Joey Ramone Place street sign near the foot of Lady Gaga’s keyboard? It’s common knowledge that it’s one of New York City’s most stolen street signs. Perhaps, it’s like everything else on planet Gaga, she of all people, can get away with it.

Watch Sting and Lady Gaga Perform 'Stand By Me'

Watch Sting and Lady Gaga Perform 'King of Pain'

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