After receiving middling reviews, i's possible that 'The Last Ship' might not sail much further than the dock. Reports are circulating that the Broadway musical, whose score was composed by Sting, isn't doing well at the box office.

According to the New York Post, the show, which opened on Sunday (Oct. 26) already has a cash-flow problem, taking in only $100,000 on Monday, considerably less than the $250,000-$350,000 that successful shows need to take in. During previews, it grossed little more than $500,000 a week, believed to be less than its weekly budget.

Still, the article says that the show's producers aren't going to see this ship go down without a fight. They're going to make a media blitz with a new commercial in the hopes of generating sales, especially with the potentially lucrative holiday season, which traditionally brings big crowds to Broadway.

Critics were mixed on 'The Last Ship.' For his part, Sting received praise for his score. The New York Times noted that the songs "never feel like pop tunes awkwardly shoehorned into a ready-made narrative." The acting and production also earned high marks. But most reviewers took issue with the book, with the Wall Street Journal calling it predictable and filled with cliches.

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