As Fleetwood Mac prepare to hit the road again this spring, singer Stevie Nicks doesn't believe they will suffer from the lack of chemistry that bogged down their 2009 tour. In a new interview, she admitted that the band has been known to phone it in, but they have a renewed sense of purpose towards the audience, and each other.

"I'm thinking that this is going to be a very different tour," she told the Guardian. "The audience is going to see a very different Fleetwood Mac up there – we talked about how we really need to appreciate what we have and who we are and how far we've come."

Part of the problem stems from her long and complex relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, which is, of course, such an integral and well-documented part of the band's history. However, she feels that, after all these years, they have finally been able to put their past into the proper perspective and move on.

"I think we've got to a place now where we're both: 'Why not? Why can't we be those two people on stage?'" she continued. "It doesn't carry on after you walk down the stairs and go back to your hotels and rooms, it's never going to carry past that. But what it does do is allow you to walk up on stage and be dramatic with each other. And we have walked up on stage and been absolutely the other side of dramatic – we have been like waiting-for-a-bus undramatic...Because that's what happens in bands if you're not happy. This is not going to be that tour."