A year in the life of legendary Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks is captured in the documentary film ‘In Your Dreams,’ which will debut in American theaters on April 2. But you can get an early look at the film in this exclusive preview from Ultimate Classic Rock.

The film chronicles the recording of the critically acclaimed album 'In Your Dreams,' which was a collaboration with former Eurythmic Dave Stewart. He also co-produced and co-directed he documentary, which features exclusive photos from Nicks' private collection, footage from inside the recording sessions at her house, and glimpses into her private life, which she has long kept away from public view. Celebrities like Mick Fleetwood and Reese Witherspoon also appear in cameos.

This exclusive clip provides a fascinating glimpse into the early stages of creating the songs for the album, which began with Stewart poring through Nicks' poetry to find lyrics that would lend themselves to musical adaptation.

'In Your Dreams’ has already screened at a number of top film festivals, and it is slated to air again at the Toronto International Film Festival on April 15, where Nicks will be on hand for a Q&A session.

The film's April 2 theatrical release is an exclusive one-night-only event. To find theaters and purchase tickets, visit the film's official website.

Watch Our Exclusive Clip of the Stevie Nicks Documentary 'In Your Dreams'

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