We all know that Aerosmith's Steven Tyler loves the camera, and his stint on American Idol gave us a close-up look at his outrageous personality on full display. But long before he started coming up with humorous and interesting critiques, Tyler was perhaps a little less choosy in how he made it onto television. For instance, check out his 2002 appearance on the Hilary Duff Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, where he sang "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town."

The below clip makes us worry for the future of Gordo, one of Lizzie's closest pals. He and the rest of Lizzie's friends all question whether the Santa that they meet -- played by Tyler -- is truly the real Santa. The really bad fake beard, the Boston accent and, worst of all, the lack of attempt to hide Tyler's dark hair should be enough of a clue. After suffering a few slings from Lizzie's crew, including one from Miranda in which she claims that Tyler is old enough to fit the part (ooh, burn!), the singer accepts the challenge to prove he's Santa. However, he does so by finishing Lizzie's float, which had disappeared, and rocking the crowd as Tyler with his version of the traditional Christmas song.

As for poor Gordo, the supposed straight-A student observes, "So you're saying that Santa Claus finished your float, then turned into Steven Tyler from Aerosmith to perform on it? I did not see that one coming."

While the acting is a little suspect and the plot line uber-cheesy, there's no denying Tyler's pipes. The singer delivers one of the most rocking versions of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" you'll ever hear, and being aboard a moving float does nothing to thwart Tyler's obvious charisma and presence.

So, like the treats that are left for Santa, we'll accept and enjoy the ear candy that Tyler provides, but leave behind the cheese found in the first part of his appearance.

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