Steven Tyler could have jumped the shark by premiering the video for his summery new solo single, '(It) Feels So Good' on 'American Idol,' where he serves as a judge. But some how, some way, Tyler pulls it off without alienating his Aerosmith fanbase.  

It's been well-documented that Tyler's Aerosmith bandmates, especially guitarist Joe Perry, were unhappy with the singer's decision to do the show. So they also might not love the song or the fact that it's premiering on prime time TV. Naturally, that hasn't stopped Tyler from moving full steam ahead.

The video for '(It)' Feels So Good)' is not quite PG-13, but not quite R-rated, either. It's populated by hot chicks in skimpy outfits -- one of which Tyler taps on the ass like it was a set of bongos -- as well as elephants and monkeys.

A little performance footage is mixed with scenes of Tyler cavorting with the ladies. It's a certainly a rock 'n' roll clip that doesn't overdo it on the sex and drugs! But by the same token, it's not tame or watered down to fit Tyler's new status as a pop culture pundit.

It's still Steven Tyler wearing floppy hats and performing with scarp-wrapped microphones. It's still Steven Tyler singing with his signature pipes and squiring ladies.  The video is light-hearted and full of life and, most importantly, it is good enough to tide anxious Aerosmith fans over. For now.

Watch Stephen Tyler's '(It) Feels So Good' Video

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