Aerosmith fans who wind up in the movie theaters this May to check out the new 3D flick ‘Epic’ are in for a little surprise. One of the film's star characters, the old wise caterpillar of the forest named Nim Galuu, is voiced by none other than frontman Steven Tyler. While Tyler is often referred to as one heck of an animated performer, this brings a whole new meaning to the word.

In a newly released clip seen above, Tyler admits that landing the role was a dream come true for him. “My whole life I wanted to be in one of these animated movies,” he explains. “I got my wish.” In addition to voicing the animated insect, Tyler also gets to break out in song during the movie too, providing the perfect combination of song and dance from the demon of screaming.

In true rock star fashion, the clip closes out to a scene of the ‘Epic’ characters jumping from mushroom to mushroom in their fantasy forest with Tyler providing some comic relief, saying, “Having survived the 70’s, I saw those guys all the time, so it was nothing new to me.”

Tyler joins an all-star cast of voices for the movie including Colin Farrell, Beyonce, Jason Sudeikis and Amanda Seyfried.

The film hits theaters on May 22 and as Tyler promises, it’s “certainly so going to be ‘Epic.’”

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